Places to visit

Fumone: Olimpus of Ciociaria,  is set at 800 m over sea level. From here it dominates the entire Valle del Sacco, in the north-centre of  the Province of  Frosinone.

It is 80 Km from Rome,  130 from Naples and only 15 km from the famous thermal place of Fiuggi.

Its very ancient origins, the castle, the tragic story of  Celestino V and the wonderful landscape, make it  one of the most interesting and suggestive  place in Lazio.

The  majestic city walls, set to defend the unassailable castle, enclose an extraordinary medieval village, which has preserved its identity, remaining perfectly untouched throughout the centuries.

The porticos, the arches, the staircases, the alleys, the smell of ancient tastes and particular corners, create such an atmosphere that brings the visitor back to the ancient time. Therefore, Fumone is a place where guests  can relax, experiencing sensations and emotions which recall a world and a life of ancient times.

Restaurants in the village :
» Ristorante “La Rocca”
» La Taverna del Barone
» Pizzeria da Walter

To be visited:
» The Medieval Village;
» The Castle Marchesi Longhi – De Paolis
» The Lake of  Canterno


Nearby Places:

“RAINBOW MAGICLAND” – The amusement park in VALMONTONE (35 KM)

» Acropolis of the IV century BC .
» Cathedral of San Paolo  (on the walls)
» Medieval rural village –Le Piagge area
»Roman-Gothic Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

» Cathedral of San Giovanni e Paolo , XII sec
» Church of Sant’ Antonio Abate, first burial-place of Celestino V
» Medieval orphanage
» Acropolis
» Testamento of  Aulo Quintilio Prisco,  II century AD
» Cycloptic walls
» Innocenzo III ‘s Palace
» Roman teathre, II century AD
» Roman indoor  market, II-I centuries B.C.
» Pompeo’s  thermal baths

» Thermal baths
»  Bonifacio VIII Spring
» Falconi Palace, VIII century AD
» Church oh San Biagio Martire

» Certosa of Trisulti
» Collepardo’s cave
» Pozzo d’Anullo
» Church of Madonna delle Cese
» Colonnas’ fortress, XIV century

» Cathedral of Sant’ Andrea  1200
» Church of Santa Maria dei Franconi (Medieval with mural paintings of the VI-VII ceneturies)
» Santa Maria Salomè (400)
» Village of San Leucio
» Event: Fasti Verulani (The last week of July)

ANAGNI (20Km) – The city of Popes
» Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore
» Medieval village
» Bonifacio  VIII’ s alace , ‘200
» Barnekow House, medieval palace in Sicilian style, probably guest house of Dante Alighieri

» Palazzo della Ragione, XII century
» House of  Villamagna, Roman archaeological site
» Abbey of  Santa Maria della Gloria, XIII century
» Event: Festival of the Medieval-Renaissance theatre (August-September); S. Magno and parade of the  Medieval contrade (18-26 August)

» Church of Santa Maria Assunta
» Neoclassical Church of Santa Lucia
Palazzo della Provincia
» Palazzo della prefettura
» Fontana De Carolis
» Tomb  of Sant’ Angelo

» Abbey of Casamari, in gothic architecture, XIII secolo

» Museum Civiltà della carta e delle telecomunicazioni
» Cascata Grande
» Boncompagni-Viscogliosi, Castle. XIV-XVIII centuries
» Low Medieval tower

» Cajetani Castle
» Trevi Falls
» Event: feast of San Pietro Eremita (28-31 August)

» Monastery of  San Benedetto
» Monastery of  Santa Scolastica

» Acropolis
» Pointed arch
» Section of Decumanus
» Cicerone Tower

» Monastery of San Pietro (XVI century)
» House of Santa Maria Goretti
» Baronial Palace of  Colonnas
» Church of Sant’Andrea
» Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Pugliano
» Nationa park “La Selva”

» Convent of San Lorenzo
» Orsini Castel
» Scalambra Mountain
» Baronial Palace
» Church of Santa Maria Assunta