The House

Il Cerchio di Lullo Vintage Residence rises at the very heart of the medieval village of  Fumone into a suggestive atmosphere. This name has been chosen because it represents the “grandfather” of the modern computer, the first combining machine, designed by the Philosopher Raimondo Lullo, who probably met Celestino V here.  Fumone, indeed, is the place where the Pope (who made the great refusal, as Dante wrote in his Inferno) Celestino V, lived and died.

The old village, set half way between Naples and Rome at about 800 metres of altitude, therefore enjoying a scenic view over the surrounding landscape, has a circular layout surrounding the imposing Castle with a hanging garden, and has been fully pedestrianized.

The 500 msq-wide Residence surrounded by a wide garden, dates from the 11th century and offers a stunning panoramic view. Guests can enjoy a truly relaxing holiday at Il Cerchio di Lullo Historic Residence, being enraptured by the loveliness of the place, the breathtaking views and the flavours and tastes of an area steeped in the charm of ancient history. Over thirty tourist destinations can be easily reached within less than 30 km. The village of Fumone originated just as a lookout stronghold because of its extraordinary geographical location.